Two WashU Classics Students to Study in Greece and Italy this spring

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Two Washington University Classics majors will participate in study abroad programs in Classical lands this spring.  Maggie Gutman will spend the semester at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, and Eva Dalzell will be at College Year in Athens.

The Grex Ludouicopolitanus enjoys last meeting of the semester at St. Louis Art Museum

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On Saturday, November 18, the Grex Ludouicopolitanus braved a cold and rainy afternoon to meet at the St. Louis Art Museum. There participants discussed a variety of works of art, including a statue of Zenobia, several George Caleb Bingham paintings, a constellation globe replete with classical mythology, a Japanese artist’s depiction of Greek ruins, and a Renaissance sculpture of Pan。

Washington University in St. Louis to host 2018 American Society of Papyrologists' Summer Institute in Papyrology

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The American Society of Papyrologists and Washington University are sponsoring a summer institute in papyrology for advanced graduate students and junior faculty in ancient studies (classics, history, religious studies, Egyptology, archaeology, and related disciplines).

WashU Classics Club sponsors reading of William Lyons’s Socrates and His Clouds

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Faculty and students from Washington University and Saint Louis University took part in a staged reading of William Lyons’s Socrates and His Clouds, a new play based on Aristophanes Clouds and the works of Plato, at the home of Tim Moore.

Tom Hite speaks at NYU conference

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Second-year Classics MA student Tom Hite traveled to New York this month to speak at New York University's Classics Graduate Student Conference on the subject of "Wilderness, Frontiers, and New Worlds in Antiquity." He delivered a paper titled "Greek Identity in Post-Alexandrian Bactria."

Amanda Kubic and Henry Schott speak at graduate symposium on translation

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Two Classics graduate students recently traveled to Gainsville, Florida to speak at the first University of Florida Classics Graduate Student Symposium, on the topic of "Translation, Adaptation, and Interpretation."

Tim Moore Speaks at the University of Chicago

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Tim Moore delivered a lecture entitled, “Meter, Music, and Power in Euripides’ Medea” at a conference on music in Greek tragedy at the University of Chicago.

Grex Ludouicopolitanus visits the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica

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On Saturday October 28, the Grex Ludouicopolitanus braved a cold morning to tour the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. The Basilica has marvelous mosaics that provided abundant material for discussion, which was helped along by the numerous Latin inscriptions covering the walls and ceiling.

Tyler Kirby competes in Hack The Lou

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The Hack The Lou hackathon was hosted by Label Insight at the T-Rex center on Saturday, Oct. 21st. It was an all-day event where teams of software engineers competed to build fully featured products using Label Insight’s product nutrients data API.

Chris Colon Awarded The George Pepe Scholarship

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Chris Colon, a sophomore Classics major, has been awarded the George Pepe Scholarship. The scholarship is intended for undergraduate students of Classics or Text and Tradition. Congratulations, Chris! 

Tim Moore Lectures in Mississippi and New York

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Tim Moore has completed a series of lectures in Mississippi and New York City.  He spoke at Mississippi State University on “Plautus’ Aulularia as Musical Theatre” and at the University of Mississippi on “Music in Ancient Comedy” and “Topsy-Turvy Comedy in Ancient Rome and Medieval Japan.”

Professor Stamatopoulou speaks at the University of Iowa

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Please join us on Thursday, October 5 for our second Classics Colloquium of the Fall! Professor Zoe Stamatopoulou will be giving a talk titled Tyrants, Sages, and Dolphins: Herodotean Reception in Plutarch's Symposium of the Seven Sages at 5pm in 101 Becker Communications Studies Building.

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