Washington University in St. Louis Classics Graduate Students to present at conference on Transgressive Language

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Washington University in St. Louis Classics graduate students Jennifer Wiebe and Constantine Karathanasis have been accepted to present papers at a Graduate Colloquium entitled "Transgressive Language in the Ancient World," to be held at University of Colorado Boulder February 3-4.

Washington University Well Represented in Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting

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Four members of the Washington University in St. Louis Classics Department will present papers at the annual meeting of The Society for Classical Studies in Toronto, January 5-8, 2017

Classics Department Awards Outstanding Students

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The Classics Department has named the following seniors Classics Majors Society of Classical Studies Outstanding Students: Katherine Bourek, Ethan Farber, and Daniel Politte.

The Grex Ludouicopolitanus has been awarded a grant by the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin to support their upcoming workshop

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The Grex Ludouicopolitanus, led by Tom Keeline, RJ Parsons, and Dennis Toscano, has been awarded a grant by the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin to support their upcoming workshop. The workshop will be held January 28 on the campus of Washington University.

Luis Salas leads the Medical Humanities Reading Group in a reading of Galen's treatise Peri Alupias

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On December 2nd, the Medical Humanities Reading Group met to discuss lupê and its place in Greco-Roman conceptions of psychological illness. The reading group consists of faculty across disciplines and both Danforth and Medical campuses at Washington University.

Eta Sigma Phi joins High School Latin students and Grex Ludouicopolitanus for a Classical Afternoon

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On Saturday, November 19, Eta Sigma Phi hosted another Classics Competition. The society hosted eight teams this year, with two new schools. The newcomer MICDS took the title this year, defeating runner up University City, who were the reigning champions.

Grex Ludouicopolitanus tours Saint Louis Art Museum

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On Saturday, October 29, the St. Louis Spoken Latin Group convened at the St. Louis Art Museum. In a tour of the main floor, conducted by Professor Tom Keeline, graduate student RJ Parsons, and local high school teacher Dennis Toscano, fifteen participants discussed art and various artworks all in Latin.

WashU Classics Club Reads Aristophanes’ Money, The God

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On Sunday, November 13th, members of the Washington University Classics Club joined others in reading Douglass Parker’s translation of Aristophanes' Money, The God at the home of Timothy Moore.  

Carolyn Pohl accepted to Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

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Ancient Studies Major Carolyn Pohl has been accepted to the spring program of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome ( Washington University is a member of a consortium of universities that support the center. Congratulations Carolyn!

Tim Moore Lectures at Harvard and the University of Vermont

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im Moore delivered a lecture at Harvard University entitled “Ludic Music in Ancient Greek and Roman Theater,” and then gave workshops on “Singing the Songs of Ancient Greek and Roman Theater” and “Music in Euripides’ Bacchae” at the University of Vermont.

Kate Wilson's Article Accepted for Publication

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"Avenging Vipers: Tragedy and Succession in Nicander's Theriaca, " by Kate Wilson, lecturer in Classics, has been accepted for publication by Classical Journal. 

WashU Classics Club hosts reading of Terence's Phormio

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On October 2nd students and faculty from Washington University and St. Louis University joined in a reading in Latin and English of Terence’s Phormio. 

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