Washington University Classics Department Announces New Scholarship for Summer Language Study

The Washington University Department of Classics is pleased to introduce a new scholarship for students who wish to begin or continue their studies in Latin and Greek during the summer, with the intention of enrolling in a more advanced course in one of those languages at Washington University in the ensuing fall semester.

All Classics or Ancient Studies majors and minors at Washington University are eligible, and the funds may be used to help pay for any appropriate summer course in Greek or Latin, including Washington University’s own summer intensive Latin course or other courses on line or in person.


Students interested in applying for this scholarship should submit a Word document including the following information by May 1st, 2024:

  • Name, major(s) and minor(s) and year of study.
  • Current level in Greek and/or Latin, if you have taken either or both languages.
  • The Greek or Latin program you wish to participate in this summer.
  • The expected cost of participation.
  • The Greek or Latin course you will take this fall if you are able to participate in this program.
  • Your motivation for seeking this extra boost in your Greek or Latin training.

Students should send applications and any questions to Tim Moore at tmoore26@wustl.edu.

For some options for Summer Greek and Latin study, see https://classics.wustl.edu/summer-language-study or Classics Summer Courses.