Opening for Postdoctoral Fellow with Numismatics expertise

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Washington University in St. Louis has been authorized to appoint a full-time Postdoctoral Fellow to catalogue the John Max Wulfing Collection of Ancient Coins.

Undergraduate major to present paper at Missouri Classical Association meeting

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Senior Classics major Joe Foster will present a paper titled "The Geometric Continuum in the Works of Archimedes" at this fall's meeting of the Missouri Classical Association.

Graduate student paper accepted for publication

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Constantine Karathanasis, a 4th-year PhD student, has had his paper "Timber and Realpolitik: A Study on Atheno-Macedonian Relations on the Eve of the Peloponnesian War" accepted for publication in Hesperia.

2018 Weltin Lecture in Early Christianity (and Lance Jenott) featured in the Source

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Lance Jenott's role in selecting this year's Weltin speaker, Elaine Pagels, is discussed in this Source article. Professor Jenott worked with Professor Pagels at Princeton.

First Summer Humanities Institute at Wash U a great success

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Tim Moore was one of dozen faculty who contributed to this year's Summer Humanities Institute for local high school students, offering a session on slaves as depicted in Roman and Japanese comedy.

Tom Keeline publishes study of Cicero's imperial reception

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Cambridge University Press has published the print edition of Tom Keeline's book The Reception of Cicero in the Early Roman Empire: The Rhetorical Schoolroom and the Creation of a Cultural Legend. Congratulations, Professor Keeline!

Professor Salas' Loeb Classical Library Fellowship featured in Washington University Record

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Luis Salas, assistant professor of classics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has been awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation at Harvard University.

Pascale Stain's BA thesis to be published

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The Honors Thesis of Pascale Stain, BA '18, has been accepted (in an abridged format) for publication in Persephone, the undergraduate Classics journal at Harvard University. Pascale also gave a presentation on her thesis, "Tracking the Trickster: Examining the Pre-Eminent Figure of Myth," at the Classics Undergraduate Research Symposium this spring (pictured). Congratulations, Pascale!

Tom Keeline to co-host new podcast in Latin

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Professor Tom Keeline and Dr. Patrick Owens (of the Priory School) have just started a new Latin podcast, Philologia Perennis (available on iTunes). The podcast embraces things Latin from antiquity to the present, and joins the ranks of the relatively few podcasts whose language is exclusively Latin.

Lance Jenott interviewed about ancient accounts of St. Peter

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The latest episode of Arts & Sciences' podcast series "Hold That Thought" features our own Lance Jenott, Lecturer in Classics and Religious Studies. In the linked audio (transcript also available) he discusses variant accounts of the career of the apostle Peter.

Tom Keeline publishes tour-de-force poem in Latin

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Tom Keeline's Latin poem, "Tau Versified," has appeared in Classical Outlook. Each word of the poem has the same number of letters as the corresponding digit of the number tau (=pi x 2) after the decimal.

Tim Moore publishes article in Greek and Roman Musical Studies

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Tim Moore has published an article in Greek and Roman Musical Studies entitled, "Music in the Time of Vergil: Insights from a Symposium." The paper evaluates what the papers given at a symposium Moore organized in 2016 suggest about directions in the study of ancient Roman music.

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