Tom Keeline to co-host new podcast in Latin

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Professor Tom Keeline and Dr. Patrick Owens (of the Priory School) have started a new Latin podcast, Philologia Perennis (available on iTunes). The podcast embraces things Latin from antiquity to the present, and joins the ranks of the relatively few podcasts whose language is exclusively Latin.

Lance Jenott interviewed about ancient accounts of St. Peter

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The latest episode of Arts & Sciences' podcast series "Hold That Thought" features our own Lance Jenott, Lecturer in Classics and Religious Studies. In the linked audio (transcript also available) he discusses variant accounts of the career of the apostle Peter.

Tom Keeline publishes tour-de-force poem in Latin

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Tom Keeline's Latin poem, "Tau Versified," has appeared in Classical Outlook. Each word of the poem has the same number of letters as the corresponding digit of the number tau (=pi x 2) after the decimal.

Tim Moore publishes article in Greek and Roman Musical Studies

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Tim Moore has published an article in Greek and Roman Musical Studies entitled, "Music in the Time of Vergil: Insights from a Symposium." The paper evaluates what the papers given at a symposium Moore organized in 2016 suggest about directions in the study of ancient Roman music.

1995 Biggs Resident and Wash U faculty member Peter Riesenberg dies at 92

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Peter Riesenberg, professor emeritus of history in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, died in his sleep May 14, 2018, in Harpswell, Maine. He was 92. Riesenberg, a beloved member of the faculty from 1960 until his retirement in 1993, was the mainstay of “History 101,” the history of Western civilization, for generations of students.

Rebecca Sears joins department faculty as Lecturer

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The department is delighted to announce that Dr. Rebecca Sears is our newest Lecturer and will be with us in 2018-19. Dr. Sears holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, and her research interests include ancient music, papyrology, Latin poetry, particularly Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and ancient magic.

Dereck Basinger sings at All-University Commencement

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Our own Dereck Basinger enjoyed premier (and dry!) seating at the All-University Commencement ceremony in May thanks to his singing talent. A longtime performer in choral ensembles, including during his two years at Wash U, Dereck was selected to sing the Wash U Alma Mater at the close of the ceremony.

Liz Braden to teach at the University of Oklahoma next year

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We proudly announce that another of our new MA graduates, Liz Braden, has accepted a teaching position in the Department of Classics and Letters at her undergraduate alma mater, the University of Oklahoma. 

Sorsha Maness accepts local teaching position

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Sorsha Maness, one of our newest MA graduates, will be teaching in the Department of Classics at the John Burroughs School next year. We look forward to staying in touch with Sorsha as we do with all our friends at Burroughs and other local schools. 

Amanda Kubic submits MA thesis and prepares for move to PhD program

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The department congratulates Amanda Kubic on the successful defense and submission of her Master's thesis, "Women's Erotic Desires and Perspectives on Marriage in Sappho's Epithalamia and H.D.'s Hymen." A bound copy of Amanda's thesis will be archived in the departmental graduate study along with other theses. 

Seven MA students graduate in May

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We proudly introduce this year's May MA graduates, clockwise from back left: Jennifer Wiebe, Tom Hite, Dereck Basinger, Liz Braden, Amanda Kubic, Sorsha Maness, and Sarah Crosley

Senior Classics major explains his honors thesis for Center for the Humanities video series

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Russell Clark, Class of 2018, can be seen explaining his thesis project on ancient purple dyes in this video from the series produced to publicize undergraduate research in the humanities. Thanks to the Merle Kling Undergraduate Honors Fellowship and the Center for the Humanities for making these videos about our great students, and congratulations to Russell on his hard work and imminent graduation!

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