WashU Classics Club Helps Run Convention of Missouri State Junior Classical League

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On Friday, April 21, three members of the Classics Club set out for Columbia, Missouri, to help run the Missouri Junior Classical League convention, an annual gathering of Missouri high school students enrolled in Latin and Greek.

Two Classics Graduate Students granted awards from the George R. Throop Endowment

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Classics PhD students Allison Ditmore and Constantine Karathanasis have both been granted awards from Washington University’s George R. Throop Endowment, which supports students working in Classical Studies and Archaeology.

Washington University Classics Alumna Jennifer Sacher named editor of Hesperia.

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Jennifer Sacher, who received a B.A. in Classics and Archaeology from Washington University in 2001, has been named editor of Hesperia, the journal of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.  Hesperia is one of the world’s leading publications for articles on Greek archaeology and culture.

Zoe Stamatopoulou’s article appears in the Center for Hellenic Studies Research Bulletin

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"Constructing Periander in Plutarch’s Symposium of the Seven Sages”, by Washington University associate professor of Classics Zoe Stamatopoulou, has appeared in the Research Bulletin of the Center for Hellenic Studies.

William Bubelis and WashU Classics students report on their work with ancient coin hoards

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In a talk entitled, “Siglos and Drakhma: Mapping the Coin Hoards of the Ancient Aegean,” Associate Professor of Classics William Bubelis reported progress on a project he is completing with the assistance of five Washington University undergraduate Classics students, mapping the source of coins in coin hoards in ancient Greece.

WashU Classics Welcomes John and Penelope Biggs Resident Robert Wallace

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Robert Wallace of Northwestern University joined the Classics Department as John and Penelope Biggs Resident in Classics, April 17-21. He visited with students, faculty, and members of the community and delivered lectures on Sophocles, Thucydides, and ancient and modern democracies.

Welcome to WashU: A Q&A with Zoe Stamatopoulou

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This year, we welcomed our new Associate Professor, Zoe Stamatopoulou. Her research and teaching encompass several aspects of ancient Greek literature and culture, but her work focuses primarily on archaic and classical poetry (Homer, Hesiod, lyric poetry, drama). She is also interested in the symposium, in ancient biographies of poets, and in the reception of archaic Greece in Imperial Greek literature (esp. Plutarch).

WashU Classics Club Hosts Reading of Menander's Samia

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On April 9th the Washington University Classics Club hosted a reading of Menander’s Samia in Douglass Parker’s English translation at the home of Professor Tim Moore.

The Grex Ludouicopolitanus goes to the Botanical Garden

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On Saturday, March 25, the Grex Ludouicopolitanus visited the Missouri Botanical Garden. Fortune smiled on us as the rain stayed away, and we saw the the cherry trees in bloom.

Pascale Stain named Ralph Bunche Scholar

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Ancient Studies Major Pascale Stain has been named a Ralph Bunche Scholar. The award is named after the United Nations mediator and Nobel Peace Price recipient, and given for undergraduate academic achievement.

Tom Keeline Awarded NEH Summer Stipend

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Assistant Professor of Classics Tom Keeline has been awarded a Summer Stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities to complete work on a digital edition of Ovid’s Ibis.

Three Classics Graduate Students to Teach in Washington University’s Pre-College Summer Programs

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Three Classics Graduate Students will contribute to Washington University’s Pre-College Summer Programs this year.  Jennifer Wiebe will teach a course entitled “The Ancient World” as part of the Middle School Challenge, and Tom Hite and Sorsha Maness will lecture for sessions in High School Institutes.

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