Classics major presents research for Undergraduate Research Week

This year, Washington University’s Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium features a poster by Classics major Peter Kraemer, who assisted Professor Tim Moore this summer on his database of ancient Greek dramatic meters. Peter’s work was facilitated by the Humanities Digital Workshop and is represented in a poster that can be found on the Undergraduate Research Symposium site through Friday, Oct. 1.


To view the poster, visit the Undergraduate Research Week hub:


You will land on the Presentations tab, home to students’ pre-recorded posters, talks, exhibits, and performances. You may filter by subject area or search by presenters' names or poster titles. Anyone can view the posters, but you will be asked to create a ForagerOne Symposium account in order to comment on posters and interact with other virtual attendees. From the welcome page, click on the Sign in tab on the upper right to create an account. You must use an approved email address to create your account.