Washington University Classics Faculty to Present Papers at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America

Four members of the Washington University in St. Louis Classics Department will present papers at the annual meeting of The Society for Classical Studies January 3–6, 2019 in San Diego, California. 

Rebecca Sears –  "With Clashing Bronze and Shrieking Pipes: Ovid's Representations of the Sound of (Mystery Cult) Music," Paper Session 3, Session 38: Ovid. Friday, January 4th.

Tom Keeline –  "Aut Latine aut nihil? A Tertium Quid," Paper Session 4, Session 30: What Can "Active" Latin Accomplish? Saturday, January 5th.

Kathryn Wilson –  "Organizing Snakes: Nicander's Literary and Biological Catalog," Paper Session 7, Session 72: Hellenistic Poetry. Sunday, January 6th.

Nicola Aravecchia - "From Paganism to Christianity in Egypt’s Western Desert: Changes in the Landscape of a Late Antique Hamlet," AIA SESSION 1J: Colloquium The Afterlife of Ancient Urbanscapes and Rural Landscapes in the Postclassical Mediterranean (400–1300 C.E.). Friday, January 4th.

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Professors Keeline and Sears will preview their SCS talks on December 6th, at 6pm in Umrath 140.