Three students win Classics Department travel awards

The department is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Kevin Herbert Memorial Award and the Robert Lamberton and Susan Rotroff Award, and looks forward to our students’ resumption of rewarding experiences abroad.

The Kevin Herbert Memorial Award has been given to two students: Marleigh Anderson and Katherine Kopp.
Marleigh, a graduate of the University of Missouri who is now ABD in the Classics PhD program, plans to attend this summer’s annual meeting and seminar of MOISA (the International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music & its Cultural Heritage) in Strasbourg, France and Brixen, Italy respectively. The experience will allow her to share her dissertation research on dance in Greek and Roman comedy with the world’s experts in ancient music, and to study Lucian’s text On Dancing in the seminar.

Katherine, a graduate of Grinnell College now in her first year of the Classics MA program, plans to attend the British American Drama Academy Greek Theatre Program this June. This month-long course begins in London with lectures, acting masterclasses, and theater and museum tours. There will follow nine days in Greece, including site and museum tours and performances with the leading actor for the National Theatre of Greece. The final stage of the program takes place at St. John’s College in Oxford with research at the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama.

The Robert Lamberton and Susan Rotroff Award has been given to Emma Bunde.
Emma, a graduate of St. Olaf College now in her first year of the Classics MA program, plans to attend sessions of the London International Palaeography workshops this June. In the short courses “Introduction to the Codicology of Medieval Manuscripts” and “Introduction to the Cataloging of Medieval Manuscripts,” Emma will build her growing knowledge of medieval book production, scientific techniques for analyzing those books, methods of identifying and analyzing manuscript evidence, and the system of cataloguing used by manuscript researchers. There will be hands-on workshops involving medieval manuscripts housed at the Senate House Library.

To make their travels possible, all three students will receive additional funds drawn from gifts to the department on top of their named awards.

Congratulations, Marleigh, Katherine, and Emma!