Nine members of the Classics department participate in CAMWS Annual Meeting

Our department had robust representation at this 2023 Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in Provo, Utah this past week. 


With Katherine Kopp as organizer and presider, five graduate students formed a panel on “Perspectives on Gender and Genre in Plutarch’s Moralia.” The papers were:

Noah Lawson, “Cloelia as a Paradigm of Virtue in Plutarch’s Mulierum Virtutes and Livy”

Katherine Kopp, “Illustrations of Motherhood in the Mulierum Virtutes”

Patrick Andrews, “Disentangling Family and State: Plutarch’s Reception of Plato’s Republic on Marriage”

Emma Bunde, “The Mulierum Virtutes as Miscellany: A Potential Classification for Plutarch’s ‘Unclassifiable’ Work”

Maurice Gonzales, “Plutarch’s Participation in Post-Domitian Trauma Literature”

In addition, graduate student Sam Doleno gave a paper titled “Deceit in the Gardens of Versailles: The Reception of Hesiod’s Pandora” as part of the panel on “Reception and the Visual.” 


From our faculty, Zoe Stamatopoulou gave a paper titled Brotherhood in the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women” as part of the panel on "Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns."

Three faculty presided over panels:

Zoe Stamatopoulou, “Alcaeus and Sappho”

Tom Keeline, “Roman Elegy”

Cathy Keane, “Tacitus and Tiberius”


Tom Keeline made his debut as CAMWS orator with the orations at the banquet for all attendees, welcoming the attendees, praising his predecessors, and delivering two biographies of two members being honored with awards this year – all in Latin, and all evidently without notes, to an appreciative crowd.


Cathy Keane represented the 2024 Local Committee at the Business Meeting to deliver the official invitation to the membership to attend the 2024 Annual Meeting in St. Louis.

And some bonus representation for the MA program: alumna Mary (Orwig) Gilbert organized a panel on “Feminist Epistemologies for Greece and Rome,” and delivered a paper on the Passio Perpetuae.