Former Biggs Resident in Classics passes away

The department has learned of the November 25th death of Professor Philip Levine, who joined us as the Biggs Resident in Classics in 1993. He was 96 years old and had spent thirty years of his academic career at UCLA, specializing in Latin literature. This past spring, Vice Chancellor Emerita Sharon Stahl fondly remembered Professor Levine's week on campus: 

"What I remember most about Professor Levine was his demeanor. I walked with him to and from various appointments that week and he exuded warmth, a passion for his work and for students, and a general joie de vivre that was infectious. This past week I went to Special Collections and listened to the tape of Professor Levine’s 1993 lecture. At the beginning of the gathering in Graham Chapel, he thanked the Biggs and then paused and said that he had brought something for Poppy (Penelope Parkman Biggs). He walked down from the stage and handed Penelope two enrollment cards that had given her entry into his class. I was struck by his still having those cards and by that extraordinarily sweet, personal touch. As I listened to the tape I was moved by the power of his voice: deep, bright and clear, punctuated with enthusiasm and authority. It must have been a joy to be his student. Thundering applause, one of the rewards of a great lecture, greeted Professor Levine when he concluded."

Professor Levine's obituary can be found here.