Department to be well-represented on SCS 2021 program

Many members of the department will participate in the Society of Classical Studies Annual Meeting.

At the virtual Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting in January 2021, the following members of the department will be delivering papers:

Constantine Karathanasis will present "Persius, Nero, and the Midas(s)es of Rome" in the "Neronian Literature" session.

Tom Keeline will present "Poetics and Tradition in Terentianus Maurus (the best Latin poet you’re not reading)" in the "Ancient Scholarship" session.

Joe MacDonald will present “A Purple Passage: Meta-interpretation and the Discovery of Tyrian Dye in Achilles Tatius" in the “Second Century Prose” session.

Rebecca Sears will present "Dramatic Melodies: Three Examples of Musical Style from Karanis (P. Mich. inv. 2958)" in the "Greek Tragedy" session.