Classics graduate students teach school group about Greek mythology and theater

On November 8th, over thirty students and parents from the Copper Creek Homeschool Group in Greenville, Illinois visited the Washington University campus to expand their ongoing study of Greek mythology. Six graduate students – Joe MacDonald, Constantine Karathanasis, Morgan Nicoulin, Marleigh Anderson, Henry Schott, and Kirby Schoephoerster – showed admirable ingenuity and efficiency in organizing a program that had something for everyone. After introducing the entire group to the Greek style of theater and to variant stories about the Trojan War, the graduate leaders oversaw the smallest kids in an industrious coloring session, assigned the oldest kids dramatic roles in an adaptation of Euripides’ Helen that they had scripted, and trained the middle group to perform (and emote!) as the play’s chorus. In no time, the performers were not just stage-ready, but properly costumed. Before an enthusiastic audience, the performers and their trainers brought the story of Helen’s miraculous journey to Egypt – and her reunion with her war-weary husband – to life.


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