Maurice Gonzales

PhD Program
B.A. in Classical Studies, University of California, Riverside, cum laude (2018)
M.A. in Languages and Cultures: Classics, Texas Tech University. (2020)
research interests:
  • monsters
  • gender and sexuality
  • reception of epic
  • Roman satire
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    Maurice's research interests include monsters, gender and sexuality, and the reception of epic. He studies these phenomena in a myriad of textual sources, but especially in Roman satire, where their appearance helps to demonstrate how that genre, for all its authors’ disclaimers, is skillfully wrought. Maurice is particularly interested in how satire attacks and exposes vice in a humorous way. Maurice works primarily with Juvenal’s 1st Book of Satires, where monsters, gender, and epic are all among the farrago Juvenal uses to satirize and communicate his anxieties about empire.