Tom Keeline becomes the Latin voice of North American Classical Studies

Associate Professor Tom Keeline has been named the next Orator for the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), North America’s second-largest organization for classicists. The appointment will make Professor Keeline one of the best-known writers and speakers of Latin in the profession.

CAMWS is made up of teachers, professors, students, and enthusiasts of Classics from across 32 states and 3 Canadian provinces. It hosts large annual meetings, funds numerous awards and initiatives in Classics research, teaching, and outreach, and publishes the periodicals Classical Journal and Teaching Classical Languages. As CAMWS Orator, Professor Keeline will serve as chair of the organization’s Merit Committee. He will oversee the selection of honorees for annual Latin ovationes and will research, compose, and deliver the ovationes at the spring meeting (along with a welcome speech in praise of the host city and institution), finally publishing them in Classical Journal.

Professor Keeline, a scholar of Latin literature, is also an experienced writer and speaker of Latin and a proponent of Active Latin teaching methods. He has published on the uses of Latin after antiquity, co-hosted a Latin podcast called Philologia Perennis, run pedagogy workshops for area teachers, and co-founded the group Grex Ludouicopolitanus, which gathers to speak Latin while visiting St. Louis attractions.

Congratulations, Professor Keeline! And local classicists, renew those membership fees so you won’t miss a speech! In 2024, Washington University will be the host institution, and St. Louis the host city, for the CAMWS Annual Meeting.