Placement Exams

Latin Placement

The Latin Placement Exam is available online to any student at Washington University and to entering first-year students who have a university ID number. The exam, which should take about one hour to complete, consists of 40 multiple-choice questions on basic grammar and 30 multiple-choice questions on the syntax of short sentences. It is not designed to test vocabulary, although command of basic vocabulary will be important to success with the questions. Exam-takers must not use a grammar or dictionary during the exam, although many find it helpful to review beforehand and all are encouraged to do so.

The exam is located at Use a computer with a high-speed connection. Problems have arisen for students who try to take the exam on a Mac, so exam-takers are advised to use a PC. Be sure to take the exam in a quiet place where you can focus. Use your Washington University ID and use the password "test" to begin. Exam results will be displayed (briefly) on the screen when you have finished, and will be recorded and archived by the Classics Department. If you do not see the results, or if you have any other problems or questions while taking the exam, you can contact the Classics department Administrator, Amelia Goldsby ( four-year advisors of all incoming students are provided with placement recommendations so that they can assist in registration. Students who wish to discuss their exam results or placement are encouraged to consult with the Latin instructors for the semester in question, and/or with the placement exam administrator, Professor Cathy Keane (

Students seeking to obtain back credit after taking the AP Latin Exam need to complete a 300-level Latin class at Washington University with a grade of B or better. Back credits in Latin are not applicable toward the Classics major or minor requirements.

Greek Placement

Students who arrive at Washington University having already studied some Greek should contact the instructor of 101D-102D to discuss proper placement. A placement exam for Greek is available from Prof. William Bubelis, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (, Prof. Catherine Keane, the department Chair (, or Amelia Goldsby, the department Administrator (