Eta Sigma Phi joins High School Latin students and Grex Ludouicopolitanus for a Classical Afternoon

On Saturday, November 19, Eta Sigma Phi hosted another Classics Competition. The society hosted eight teams this year, with two new schools. The newcomer MICDS took the title this year, defeating runner up University City, who were the reigning champions. In addition to six rounds of classics themed questions, Professor Keeline and the St. Louis Spoken Latin group (grex Ludouicopolitanus) put on a show for lunch to give local high school students and teachers a taste of living Latin. Beginning with the very useful phrase, “quod est nomen tibi” (What’s your name), Dr. Thomas Keeline engaged the crowd in casual conversation. Graduate student RJ Parson led the group in a rousing rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in Latin followed by Simon Says. The lunch ended with the perennial favorite “Ecce Caesar” sung to the tune of Clementine as well as smiles all around.
Pictured: Assistant Professor Tom Keeline and Eta Sigma Phi president Dan Martin with competitors in this year’s Eta Sigma Phi Classics Competition.