Washington University Classics Faculty to be Well Represented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies

Three members of the Washington University in St. Louis Classics Department will present papers at the annual meeting of The Society for Classical Studies January 4-7 in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Kate Wilson  "The Life Cycle of a Sign in Aratus' Phaenomena," Paper Session 2, Session 17: Hellenistic Poetry in its Cultural Context. Friday, January 5th

Luis Salas – "De Galeni Corporis Fabrica: Vesalius' Use of Galen and Galenism in the Preface of his Fabrica,"  Paper Session 5, Session 40: Afterlives of Ancient Medicine: Reception Studies or History of Medicine?  Saturday, January 6th

Tim Moore – "An Online Database of the Meters of Roman Comedy," Paper Session 8, Session 74: Digital Pedagagy. Sunday, January 7th

Cathy Keane – "Summus Minimusque Poeta: Silent Epigram in Juvenal Satire 1.1-30," Paper Session 8, Session 84: Getting the Joke: Roman Satire and Comedy. Sunday, January 7th


See the full SCS meeting program HERE.