Amanda Kubic's recent work accepted for publication

An article by MA student Amanda Kubic, entitled ""Female Voices and Values in Epigrams of Mourning: Anyte of Tegea and Emily Dickinson" will be published in the upcoming Fall 2017 edition of Eisodos: Zeitschrift für Antike Literatur und Theorie /Journal for Ancient Literature and Theory. Amanda writes: "In this essay, I discuss how both Anyte and Dickinson react to their prominent male poetic predecessors and contemporaries as well as to their socio-historical circumstances by appropriating male, heroic modes of expression and introducing feminine values and perspectives into the traditionally masculine literary context of the epigram. I'm very excited, and would like to thank all of my professors for their assistance and encouragement, particularly Dr. Rob Henke, whose Lyric Poetry course prompted this piece." 

(Image: Funeral, amphora painted by the Dipylon Painter, ca. 750 BCE)