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At Washington University, the ancient Greco-Roman world is at your fingertips. On campus, our resources include significant collections of ancient papyri and coins. The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum offers a chance to experience Greek and Roman ancient art. Our home city of St. Louis offers additional resources for the Classicist-in-training, and our faculty and staff are always ready to point students toward whatever resources they need – whether near at hand, online, or around the globe. 

University Resources

Resources at Washington University

Resources created by and for Classics students and faculty

  • Commentary and Companion to Horace, Satire 2.6 (Fall 2014 Latin 541)
  • Survey of events and cultural developments of the Middle Roman Republic, by the decade (Fall 2016 Latin 521)
  • Starter reading list for the "Classical Studies and American Identities" Reading Group (2013-14)
  • Latin podcast Philologia Perennis


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