Faculty-curated exhibition on race in ancient Greece and Rome coming this fall

Kate Wilson designed the exhibition to coincide with her new course on Race and Identity.

The Department of Classics is proud and excited to announce that the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum has selected Kate Wilson’s proposal for a Teaching Gallery exhibition in Fall 2021. Wilson, who will be teaching the department’s first course in Race and Identity in Greco-Roman Antiquity, is making use of objects from the Kemper’s unique collection to enrich her students' experience of the course and to foster dialogue about its topic in the university and local communities.

The exhibition, titled Colonizing the Past: Constructing Race in Ancient Greece and Rome, will contain objects that reflect the representation and interpretation of race in Greco-Roman antiquity from the fifth century BCE to the modern era.

For more information, visit the listing on the Kemper’s website. A panel discussion about the exhibit, featuring local and outside experts, will also be scheduled for fall.