WashU Classics Club Helps Run Convention of Missouri State Junior Classical League

On Friday, April 21, three members of the Classics Club set out for Columbia, Missouri, to help run the Missouri Junior Classical League convention, an annual gathering of Missouri high school students enrolled in Latin and Greek. Seniors Ethan Farber and Kat Bourek and sophomore Victoria Grabinski were responsible for judging the Impromptu Art competition Friday night, as well as reading questions for Open Certamen, the more informal version of Latin quiz bowl. On Saturday, the Washington University students were tasked with judging several more art contests, including Photography, Sculpture, and T-shirt. They formed a three-man team at the last minute to adjudicate two rounds of Advanced Competitive Certamen, and were later in charge of supervising those students who wished to play volleyball, a sport that was actually invented by Marcus Aurelius while taking a break from writing his Meditations. With not a single student suffering injury under their careful watch, the Classics Clubbers agreed that they had done good work, and after bidding farewell to the high school teachers in charge, they departed for Saint Louis.