Classics Undergrads Present at Research Colloquium

Sponsored by the Classics Club and Eta Sigma Phi

Six Washington University Classics Students presented their research on May 1st at an Undergraduate Research Symposium sponsored by the Washington University Classics Club and the Alpha Xi chapter of Eta Sigma Phi. Presentations included the following:

Imperial Treasures: The Search for Agrippina's Lost Memoirs
Mati Davis, Class of 2021, Research Assistant to Professor Karen Acton

Images of Ancient Music
Carolyn Pohl, Class of 2018, and Jin Lee, Class of 2020, Research Assistants to Professor Timothy Moore

The Geometric Continuum in the Works of Archimedes
Josiah Foster, Class of 2019, Independent Research

‘Royal’ Purple in the Bronze Age Aegean
Russell Clark, Class of 2018 (Honors Thesis)

Ancient Greek, African, and African-American Trickster Myths
Pascale Stain, Class of 2018 (Honors Thesis)