Chris Colon Awarded The George Pepe Scholarship

Chris Colon, a sophomore Classics major, has been awarded the George Pepe Scholarship. The scholarship is intended for undergraduate students of Classics or Text and Tradition. Congratulations, Chris! 

"I would first like to thank you so incredibly much for the life-changing opportunity you have given me. Being at WashU has been so transformative and impacful for me, and I would likely not be here if it weren't with your help and generosity. All of my successes and achievements are inextricably linked with you, and I can't find the words to express how eternally grateful I am for the kindness, selflessness, and devotion you have bestowed upon me and my journey here at WashU!" - Chris Colon

A Q&A with Chris from Scholars in Arts & Sciences: 

What has been the most interesting class you have taken at Washington University?

The most interesting class I have taken here at Washington University would be my first-year seminar course, Eros through the Ages, that I had the opportunity to take with my four-year advisor as the professor. Although I already had an interest in the Classics Department, this course opened my eyes to the intricate details of ancient literature and allowed me to form my own thoughts and opinions on what love and passions really are. This class has taught me concepts and ideas that I still use in my other Classics courses to this day -- my favorite was reading the myth of Medea!

Briefly describe your extra-curricular activities.

Outside of classes, I currently serve as a Washington University Student Associate (WUSA) for Danforth 3, where I serve as an academic peer mentor to an entire floor of first-year students (all of whom are just great, by the way!). Additionally, I serve as a blogger for the WashU 360 admissions blog, a student-worker for the Classics Department, and the Brotherhood Chair and Personal & Professional Development Chair for WashU's chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity. 

Outside of academics, what else is important to you?

Outside of academics, I enjoy running, hiking, going to the beach, exploring new places, watching James Dean movies, going to Bread Co., and hanging out with my friends!

Favorite place on campus: Bauer Hall