How to Become a Latin Teacher

If you want to teach in a private school:

  • Major in Classics, taking as much Latin as possible. An MA is not required but often gives a “leg up” when looking for jobs.
  • N.B.: As a WashU Undergraduate, you can complete an MA in Classics in one year if you take the right courses (including advanced Greek & Latin courses and Classics 503) as an undergraduate.

If you want to teach in a public school:

  •  Major in Classics, taking as much Latin as possible (number of credits required varies from state to state; in Missouri it is 30 hours).
  •  Complete a teaching certification program. 


Teaching certification options:


Funding options:

Fulfilling the requirements for certification can be expensive.  There are, however, a number of sources of funding. You should definitely take advantage of these if you plan to teach. Here are some of the sources:


Finding a job:

Don’t be shy about contacting specific schools where you might want to teach. The following placement services can help you hook up with schools:

Additional Resources on the Web: