George R. Throop Endowment 2020 Call for Proposals

Awards for The George R. Throop Endowment are made under the following endowment guidelines: “The purpose of this endowment is to promote studies of Western Classics and Archaeology. The income from this endowed fund is to be awarded annually to a student(s) or academic for preparation of an accepted Classics study or participation in a recognized archaeological project.  Copies of the work are to be furnished to the donors.” 

The Throop Endowment can provide a modest amount of strategic supplemental funding for students engaged in research resulting in a degree.  Applicants for the Throop Endowment funding should submit a brief proposal showing how a supplement of up to $800 for a first-time applicant, or up to $500 for a second-time applicant*, will help advance a particular aspect of their project. Budgets should be specific. Please detail allocations for transportation, room & board, equipment, fees, and other (specify) for the total project budget and explain which expenses will be covered by Throop funding and other funding sources. 

Proposal Guidelines

Submit your research proposal as a single document (.docx or .pdf) to Sarah Baitzel, Department of Anthropology, Campus Box 1114 ( by March 1, 2020. 

To request supplemental funding for field or laboratory research, please include:   

1.     A statement of the proposed research question, and its potential contributions (500 words). 

2.     A brief summary of methods for the proposed research period, including location and activities (300 words). 

3.     A short but specific budget summary.  

To request supplemental funding for participation in an archaeological fieldschool, please include: 

1.     A description of the fieldschool site, program, activities, and credit (250 words). 

2.     A brief statement about why you chose the program and what you hope to learn from your participation (250 words).  

3.     A short but specific budget summary. 

Final Report Information

Funds will be disbursed through the Anthropology Department.  All disbursements and requests for reimbursement will follow Washington University – St. Louis protocols. 

A brief final report of max. 1000 words and 2-3 images is to be submitted by March 1 the year after the grant is received in order to honor the requirement by the donors. Recipients may also be asked to give a brief (ca. 10-15 min) presentation of their research experience during the following spring semester. 

*Please be aware that the policy on repeat applications will be changing in the future; the figures above apply to this year only.