George R. Throop Endowment 2019 Call for Proposals

Awards for The George R. Throop Endowment are made under the following endowment guidelines: “The purpose of this endowment is to promote studies of Western Classics and Archaeology. The income from this endowed fund is to be awarded annually to a student(s) or academic for preparation of an accepted Classics study or participation in a recognized archaeological project.  Copies of the work are to be furnished to the donors.”

The Throop Endowment can provide a modest amount of strategic supplemental funding for students engaged in research resulting in a degree.  Applicants for the Throop Endowment funding should submit a brief proposal (2-3 pages) showing how a supplement of up to $800 for a first time applicant, or up to $500 for a second time applicant,* will help advance a particular aspect of their project.  Budgets should be specific. Please detail allocations for transportation, room & board, equipment, fees, and other (specify) for the total project budget and explain which expenses will be covered by Throop funding.

Proposal Guidelines

Submit your research proposal to John E. Kelly (cc: Sarah Baitzel), Interdisciplinary Program in Archaeology, Campus Box 1114 ( and by March 1, 2019.

Include the following information:  

  1. A statement of the proposed research question, and its potential contributions (1-2 pages).
  2. A brief summary of methods for the proposed research period, including location and activities (1 page).
  3. A short but specific budget summary. 

Final Report Information

Funds will be disbursed through the Anthropology Department by its financial officer, Jennifer Masterson, McMillan 103.  All disbursements and requests for reimbursement will follow Washington University – St. Louis protocols.

A brief final report (2-3 pages) is to be submitted by March 1 the year after the grant is received in order to honor the requirement by the donors that they be furnished copies of results of the research resulting from their endowment. Recipients will also give a brief (ca. 10-15 min) presentation of their research experience during the following spring semester.

*Please be aware that the policy on repeat applications will be changing in the future; the figures above apply to this year only.