Tim Moore to participate in online panel on Laughter and Interpretation

Tim Moore will participate in a discussion of Laughter and Interpretation as part of a series sponsored by the Ludics Seminar at Harvard University on Monday, April 12th at 11AM Central Time (noon Eastern Time). The panel is part of a series of conversations in the frame of the Ludics Seminar to reflect on play as humanistic inquiry, to celebrate the publication of "Ludics: Play as Humanistic Inquiry" (Palgrave MacMillan), to which Moore contributed an essay.

The  conversation will be focused on laughter and the comic as a political and social action. We explore the role of laughter in interpreting texts from antiquity to the present. We examine laughter as a diachronic mechanism of social cohesion and disruption. Laughter makes strange, while at the same time, it is an invitation for human connection. The speakers question how laughter can be used as a critical, interpretative device, and how we might create a critical take on laughing.  Distinction will be made between laughing at versus laughing with.

Featuring: Chrysostomos Stamoulis, Timothy Moore, Pierre Taminiaux, Leslie Frost
Moderator: Eric Gordon