Remote Research Colloquium

Join the Classics Department on April 27 at 12pm for presentations of undergraduate and graduate Classics student research.

Each presentation will last about 10 minutes. The final presentation will be followed by open discussion of all the presentations.

1. Greek and Roman History and Literature

Peter Satterthwaite: “GIS Approaches to the Thasian Peraia

Henry Schott: “The Temple of Magna Mater: A Case for ‘Temple-Stages’”

Jessica Tu: “Lygdamus, Cypassis, and Co.”

2. Classical Reception and Comparative Studies

Madison Ihrig: “Toil and Trouble: Contemporary Witch-Hunts’ Influence on Jacobean Medeas"

Grace Kavinsky: “Classical Inheritance and Race: Sexual Violence and Political Change in Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita and The Birth of a Nation

Connor Raikar: "Producing an Ideology: Horace and Mao Zedong’s Construction of the Other”


Contact Amelia Goldsby ( for Zoom information.