The Annual George E. Mylonas Lecture in Classical Art and Archaeology: The Greek Symposium in Context

Dr. Kathleen Lynch, University of Cincinnati

The ancient Greek symposium was a small, all-male drinking party held in a private home. Men gathered in a small room, reclined on their left elbows, and participated equally in both the drinking and activities. All men were expected to speak on topics of philosophy and politics in turn or contribute to songs and stories. The wine loosened inhibitions and made it easier for the drinkers to form bonds.

Kathleen Lynch, Professor of Classics at the University of Cincinnati, will discuss the specialized ceramic equipment designed specifically for these gatherings by examining pottery excavated from an Athenian house.

This lecture is presented in partnership with the Hellenic Government–Karakas Family Foundation Professorship in Greek Studies at the University of Missouri–St. Louis; the Departments of Classics and Art History & Archaeology, Washington University in St. Louis; and the Classical Club of St. Louis.

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