The Biggs Family Residency in Classics: Dr. Susan Rotroff

Susan Rotroff is Jarvis Thurston & Mona Van Duyn Professor Emerita at Washington University in St. Louis. She is an archaeologist specializing in Greek pottery, especially that from the Hellenistic period in Athens. She retired from teaching in 2015, after two decades at Washington University. She has held a McArthur Fellowship and been awarded a Gold Medal from the Archaeological Institute of America. The department is thrilled to welcome back our own colleague as the 2019 Biggs Family Resident in Classics.

A Scorpion and a Smile: Two Vases in the Kemper Art Museum

March 25, 4:15, Alumni House

Reception to precede, 3:30, Alumni House

Open House at the Kemper Art Museum

March 26, 9:30-11:00, Kemper 104

View the vases discussed in Monday's lecture with Professor Rotroff.

The Crossroads Enclosure: An Archaeological Puzzle in the Heart of Ancient Athens

March 27, 4:15, Hurst Lounge, Duncker Hall

Reception to precede, 3:30, Hurst Lounge, Duncker Hall

Download readings for this seminar here

In Their Cups: Drinking in the Age of Alexander the Great

March 28, 4:30, Emerson Auditorium, Bauer Hall 

Reception to follow, 5:30, Frick Forum, Bauer Hall


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