The Grex Ludouicopolitanus CAMWS Workshop Helps to Promote Latin in the Classroom

On Saturday, January 28, about 40 Latinists from around the St. Louis–area came to Washington University’s campus to learn about the use of active Latin in the classroom and to speak Latin themselves. The attendees were a mix of teachers from public and private high schools, college and university faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students. Over the course of the day there were presentations about the philosophy underlying this approach to teaching, discussions of next steps participants could take in their own teaching and learning, and hands-on demonstrations of teaching techniques. Coffee and lunch breaks also provided opportunities for less formal discussion—much of it in Latin!

The Grex Ludouicopolitanus would like to thank the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin, the Washington University Institute for School Partnership, and the Washington University Classics department for their generous financial support.
Anyone interested in joining our spoken Latin group should write to Tom Keeline ( to be added to our mailing list. Meetings are generally held once a month.